Doing More With Less: The Value of Having More Followers on Social Media

Doing More With Less: The Value of Having More Followers On Social Media

With social media marketing, simple targeted ad campaigns can yield some benefits, but many companies go beyond this by connecting with followers on social media in hopes of getting free, word of mouth advertising and endorsement. For many companies engaged in social media, the common view is that the more followers obtained, the greater the marketing reach and number of potential customers.

Logically, this would mean greater brand awareness and a greater chance of turning social media activity into revenue. But is this approach helping marketers increase profits and strengthen their brands? We tuned in to a discussion on public radio exploring the best ways to leverage social media followers. Industry insiders provide some tips and insights. The story reflects the trend of more marketers and advertisers focusing on maximizing customer value through customer relationship management.

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Editor’s Note:

For research articles on Social Media Marketing topics, check out this issue of the JIAD:
(2015) Journal of Interactive Advertising: Volume 15, Issue 2: Taylor & Francis


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