Terry Daugherty

Terry Daugherty

The University of Texas at Austin

Terry Daugherty is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Advertising and Co-Director of the Media Research Lab at The University of Texas at Austin. Ph.D., Michigan State University (Mass Media and Advertising); Post-Doctoral Fellow, Vanderbilt University (Marketing); M.A., University of Alabama (Advertising and Marketing); and B.A., Western Kentucky University (Advertising and Marketing).

His research focuses on understanding consumer psychology and the mass media through investigating strategic, social, and technological issues. The potential significance of this work transcends digital media today as consumers effectively explore the Internet and other interactive media for entertainment purposes, information gathering, social interaction, and decision-making.

Terry’s research has appeared in the Journal of Advertising, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Interactive Advertising, Journal of Interactive Marketing, and the International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising, among numerous other scholarly publications.

Dr. Daugherty can be reached via [email protected] (http://mediaresearch.communication.utexas.edu).