On the 4th June 2010 Virgin Media announced the sale of the Virgin Media Television channels to Sky. Following on from this, on the 5th July 2010, Virgin Media announced that the UKTV advertising sales contract had been awarded to Channel 4, effective January 2011. As a result of both announcements Virgin Media made the decision to close ids and in line with this decision ids will cease trading from 31st December 2010.

Activity to close all open accounts with ids will continue in the early part of 2011. If you have any questions please email Gareth Vaughan Jones on or Shaun Jordan on who are leading our Sales team, or email Tara Oldfield on who heads up our Finance team.

If you have any further questions regarding the closure of the ids business please email Jenny Lloyd-Jones on who will be overseeing the ids business through this final period.

Virgin Media Digital Sales

Additionally, if you have any questions related to sale or trafficking of Virgin Media’s existing VOD or online business or if you have any new business queries regarding Virgin Media Digital Sales please email Stuart Flint (sales) on or Jenny Thomson (Operations) on