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Volume 1, Number 1, Fall 2000

From the Editors:
Why We Need the Journal of Interactive Advertising

John D. Leckenby and Hairong Li

Measuring the Effects and Effectiveness of Interactive Advertising:
A Research Agenda

Paul A. Pavlou and David W. Stewart

The Interactive Advertising Model: How Users Perceive and Process Online Ads

Shelly Rodgers and Esther Thorson

The Dimensions of Commercial Cyberspace

William D. Wells and Qimei Chen

Interactivity in the Context of Designed Experiences

Carrie Heeter

Interactivity in 2000: An Industry Viewpoint

Helen Katz

Interactive Advertising Concentration: A First Attempt

Jef I. Richards

Volume 1, Number 2, Spring 2001

Interactive Advertising and Presence:
A Framework

Matthew Lombard and Jennifer Snyder-Duch

The Future of Interactive Advertising Viewed Through an IMC Lens

David W. Schumann, Andy Artis and Rachel Rivera

Addressing New Media with Conventional Media Planning

Hugh M. Cannon

Global Interactive Advertising: Defining What We Mean and Using What We Have Learned

Marilyn S. Roberts and Hanjun Ko

Internet Audience Measurement: A Practitioner's View

Steve Coffey

The Role of Self-Regulation of Privacy and the Internet

Peng Hwa Ang

Volume 2, Number 1, Fall 2001

Note from Special Issue Editor

Prabu David

The Effects of Anthropomorphic Agents on Advertising Effectiveness and the Mediating Role of Presence

Yung Kyun Choi, Gordon E. Miracle and Frank Biocca

The Novelty of 3D Product Presentations Online

Steven M. Edwards and Harshavardhan Gangadharbatla

Consumer Reactions in a Realistic Virtual Shop : Influence on Buying Style

Anne-Cecile Jeandrain

Signs of Marketing in Virtual Reality

Robert Pennington

Volume 2, Number 2, Spring 2002

Understanding Click and Mortar E-Commerce Approaches: A Conceptual Framework and Research Agenda

Charles Steinfield

Longevity of Websites and Interactive Advertising Communication

Sally J. McMillan

The Interactive Advertising Model Tested: The Role of Motives in Ad Processing

Shelly Rodgers

Uses and Gratifications Theory and E-Consumer Behaviors: A Structural Equation Modeling Study

Xueming Luo

How Consumers Generate Clickstreams through Web Sites: An Empirical Investigation of Hypertext, Schema and Mapping Theoretical Explanations

James R. Coyle and Stephen J. Gould

The Use of Banner Advertisements with Pull-Down Menus: A Copy Testing Approach

Mark Brown

Volume 3, Number 1, Fall 2002

Online Research Methodology: Reflections and Speculations

Kim Bartel Sheehan

The Adoption of Persuasive Internet Communication in Advertising and Public Relations Curricula

Terry Daugherty and Bonnie B. Reece

Antecedents and Consequences of Perceived Interactivity: An Exploratory Study

Joonhyung Jee and Wei-Na Lee

Learning the Web: Internet User Experience and Response to Web Marketing in Sweden

Micael Dahlen

Antecedents and Consequences of Web Advertising Credibility: A Study of Consumer Response to Banner Ads

Sejung Marina Choi and Nora J. Rifon

Building Relationships with Portal Users: The Interplay of Motivation and Relational Factors

Doyle Yoon, Fritz Cropp and Glenn Cameron

Volume 3, Number 2, Spring 2003

Cybernetic Space: Bringing the Virtual and Real Together

Ananda Mitra

Corporate Web Sites as Advertising:
An Analysis of Function, Audience, and Message Strategy

Jang-Sun Hwang, Sally J. McMillan and Guiohk Lee

Crossing Offline and Online Media:
A Comparison of Online Advertising on TV Web Sites and Online Portals

Louisa Ha

A Preliminary Structural Equation Model of
Comprehension and Persuasion of Interactive Advertising Brand Web Sites

Wendy Macias

Lifestyles of Online Gamers: A Psychographic Approach

Seounmi Youn, Mira Lee and Kenneth O. Doyle

Internet Dependency Relations and Online Consumer Behavior:
A Media System Dependency Theory Perspective on Why People Shop, Chat, and Read News Online

Padmini Patwardhan and Jin Yang

Volume 4, Number 1, Fall 2003

Special Issue on Broadband Internet Challenges

Note from Special Issue Editor

Yu-Li Liu

Diffusion of Broadband and Online Advertising in Korea

Choon-ryeol Ryu, Dea-ho Kim, and Eun-mee Kim

The Emerging Broadband Television Market in the United States: Assessing the Strategic Differences between Cable Television and Telephone Firms

Sylvia Chan-Olmsted and Jae-Won Kang

Emerging Broadband Market and the Relevant Policy Agenda in Japan

Yasu Taniwaki

Lessons in Broadband Adoption from Singapore

Peng Hwa Ang, Qian Zhou and Yayun Jiang

Broadband Demand, Competition, and Relevant Policy in Taiwan

Yu-Li Liu

G-commerce in East Asia: Evidence and Prospects

Yuntsai Chou

Volume 4, Number 2, Spring 2004

Audience Satisfaction among TiVo and ReplayTV Users

Douglas A. Ferguson and Elizabeth M. Perse

Dr. Mom and Dr. Web: A Qualitative Analysis of Women's Use of Health Information on the Web

Wendy Macias, Liza Stavchansky Lewis and Vandana Shankar

Cross-Cultural Differences in Perceived Risk of Online Shopping

Hanjun Ko, Jaemin Jung, JooYoung Kim and Sung Wook Shim

Emotional Appeal and Incentive Offering in Banner Advertisements

Frank Tian Xie, Naveen Donthu, Ritu Lohtia and Talai Osmonbekov

The Website Schema

Steven Bellman and John R. Rossiter

Assessing the Effects of Animation in Online Banner Advertising: Hierarchy of Effects Model

Chan Yun Yoo, Kihan Kim and Patricia A. Stout

A Comparison of Objective Characteristics and User Perception of Web Sites

Se-Jin Lee, Wei-Na Lee, Hyojin Kim and Patricia A. Stout

Volume 5, Number 1, Fall 2004

Special Issue on Gaming and its Relationship with Advertising, Marketing and Communication

Note From Guest Editor

Terry Daugherty

Advertainment or Adcreep? Game Players’ Attitudes toward Advertising and Product Placements in Computer Games

Michelle R. Nelson, Heejo Keum and Ronald A. Yaros

Experiencing Interactive Advertising beyond Rich Media: Impacts of Ad Type and Presence on Brand Effectiveness in 3D Gaming Immersive Virtual Environments

Dan Grigorovici and Corina Constantin

The Effect of Billboards within the Gaming Environment

Isabella M. Chaney, Ku-Ho Lin, and James Chaney

Motivations to Regulate Online Gambling and Violent Game Sites: An Account of the Third-Person Effect

Fang Wan and Seounmi Youn

The Value of Relationship Strength in Segmenting Casino Patrons: An Exploratory Investigation

Joanna Phillips, Mavis Tandoh, Stephanie Noble, Victoria Bush

Hispanic Attitudes toward Advergames: A Proposed Model of their Antecedents

Monica D. Hernandez, Sindy Chapa, Michael S. Minor, Cecilia Maldonado and Fernando Barranzuela


Volume 5, Number 2, Spring 2005

Special Issue on Interactive and Its Relationship to Advertising, Marketing, and Communication

Note From Guest Editor

Sally J. McMillan

Interactivity and Persuasion: Influencing Attitudes with Information and Involvement

S. Shyam Sundar, Jinhee Kim

The Effects of Interactivity on Cross-Channel Communication Effectiveness

Qimei Chen, David A. Griffith and Fuyuan Shen

The Mediating Role of Perceived Interactivity in the Effect of Actual Interactivity on Attitude toward the Website

Guohua Wu

Lessons Learned from Experiments with Interactivity on the Web

Mark Tremayne

Losers and Lovers: Mobile Phone Services Advertising and the New Media Consumer/Producer

Christina Spurgeon


Volume 6, Number 1, Fall 2005

From the Editors

John D. Leckenby and Hairong Li

A Rational Integrative Model of Online Consumer Decision Making

Padmini Patwardhan and Jyotika Ramaprasad

Online Auctions as Advertising Revenue in the Media Mix

Ginger Rosenkrans

The Effect of Involvement on Ad Judgment in a Video Game Environment: The Mediating Role of Presence

Stefan G. Nicovich

The Status of Wireless Survey Solutions: The Emerging "Power of the Thumb"

Leslie Townsend

Strategies for the Super Bowl of Advertising: An Analysis of How the Web is Integrated into Campaigns

Juran Kim, Sally J. McMillan, and Jang-Sun Hwang

  Internet Motives of Users in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Korea: A Cross-Cultural Replication of the WMI


Shelly Rodgers, Yan Jin, Ruth Rettie, Frank Alpert, and Doyle Yoon

Consumer Awareness and Use of Product Review Websites

Ainsworth Anthony Bailey

  Perceptions of Interactivity and Consumer Control in Marketing Communications: An Exploratory Survey of Marketing Communication Professionals

William N. Swain

  Adoption of Digital Video Recorders and Advertising:Threats or Opportunities

John A. Fortunato and Daniel M. Windels

  Getting Something for Nothing: The Impact of a Sample Offer and User Mode on Banner Ad Response

Maureen E. Hupfer and Alex Grey


Volume 6, Number 2, Spring 2006

  From the Guest Editor: Special Issue on Electronic Word-of-Mouth and its Relationship with Advertising, Marketing and Communication

Steve Edwards

  Measuring Motivations for Online Opinion Seeking

Ronald E. Goldsmith and David Horowitz

  Building Trust with Consensus Information: The Effects of Valence and Sequence Direction

Ray L. Benedicktus and Melinda L. Andrews

  From Subservient Chickens to Brawny Men: A Comparison of Viral Advertising to Television Advertising

Lance Porter and Guy J. Golan

  Relationships between Blogs as eWOM and Interactivity, Perceived Interactivity, and Parasocial Interaction

Kjerstin S. Thorson and Shelly Rodgers

  Online Discussion Groups as Socal Networks: An Empirical Investigation of Word-Of-Mouth on the Internet

Alexandre Steyer, Renaud Garcia-Bardidia, and Pascale Quester


Elecronic Word-of-Mouth: A Comparison of Stated and Revealed Behavior on Electronic Discussion Boards


John Fong and Suzan Burton

  Electronic Word-of-Mouth in Online Environments: Exploring Referral Networks Structure and Adoption Behavior

Antti Vilpponen, Susanna Winter, and Sanna Sundqvist


Volume 7, Number 1, Fall 2006

  Consumers’ Attitudes toward Unsolicited Commercial E-mail and Postal Direct Mail Marketing Methods: Intrusiveness, Perceived Loss of Control, and Irritation

Mariko Morimoto and Susan Chang

  Opportunities and Thresholds for Advertising on Interactive Digital TV: A View from Advertising Professionals

Verolien Cauberghe and Patrick De Pelsmacker

  Receptiveness of Gamers to Embedded Brand Messages in Advergames: Attitudes towards Product Placement

Tina Winkler and Kathy Buckner

  Development of an Instrument to Measure Web Site Personality

Qimei Chen and Shelly Rodgers

  Ratings, Reviews & ROI: How Leading Retailers Use Customer Word of Mouth in Marketing and Merchandising

Brant Barton

Volume 7, Number 2, Spring 2007

Special Issue on Mobile Advertising Issues and Challenges

Note From Guest Editor

Shintaro Okazaki

Attitude toward Location-based Advertising

Gordon C. Bruner II & Anand Kumar

Determinants of Effective SMS Advertising: An Experimental Study

Dimitris Drossos, George M. Giaglis, George Lekakos, Flora Kokkinaki, & Maria G. Stavraki

Perceived Effectiveness of Push vs. Pull Mobile Location Based Advertising

Ramaprasad Unni & Robert Harmon

An Empirical Study of the Drivers of Consumer Acceptance of Mobile Advertising

Marko Merisavo, Sami Kajalo, Heikki Karjaluoto, Ville Virtanen, Sami Salmenkivi, Mika Raulas, & Matti Leppäniemi

Perceptions and Recall of Advertising Content Presented on Mobile Handled Devices

Suzanne Altobello Nasco & Gordon C. Bruner II


Volume 7, Number 2, Spring 2007

  Interactive 3D Simulations in Measuring Consumer Preferences: Friend or Foe to Test Results?

Alma Berneburg

  Applying the Rossiter-Percy Grid to Online Advertising Planning: The Role of Product/Brand Type in Previsit Intentions

Guohua Wu

  The Effectiveness of Product Placement in Video Games

Zachary Glass

  The Role of Flow in Web Site Effectiveness

Maria Sicilia and Salvador Ruiz

  Testing the Effects of Incidental Advertising Exposure in Online Gaming Environment

Adam Acar


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