More Money Spent on Mobile Search

More Money Spent on Mobile Search

Improvements in mobile capabilities over the last five years have added dimensions to how marketers can utilize the internet to reach consumers. This created some new approaches that weren’t as feasible with basic web access, such as mobile location-based advertising, as well as some new restrictions.

An Adobe Digital Index report stated that consumer internet traffic online was split 50/50 between mobile and desktop in 2015. The trend toward mobile has  many implications for how companies will assess past web marketing approaches and fine-tune their strategies moving forward. From a numbers perspective, advertisers are spending more year-over-year on digital ads, but this growth has slowed since 2015. An article on provides a glimpse of growth trends in mobile usage and revenue spent on digital advertising. The article cites analysis showing mobile e-commerce conversion rates are lower than traditional desktop, most likely due to the 80-90% of user time spent in mobile apps rather than browsing the web. Digital advertisers are searching for more effective ways to connect with mobile users.

Editor’s Note:

For detailed research on mobile advertising, access this JIAD article:

“Investigating the Effects of Location-Based Advertising in the Supermarket: Does Goal Congruence Trump Location Congruence?”

Volume 16 – Issue 1

Journal of Interactive Advertising

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