Optimizing Posts On Facebook

Optimizing Posts On Facebook

Looking for effective ways to get more out of your Facebook posts? One Social Media blogger says she has tried many strategies. On her blog, Jenn’s Trends In Social Media Management, Jenn shares six ideas that have worked for her somewhat consistently. One idea she suggests, interestingly enough, is posting less frequently. She writes:

“I know this sounds counter-intuitive and goes against what a lot of experts preach. However, I have reduced my posting schedule on Facebook to an average of one post a day, sometimes even less.

This works for two reasons. One, it ensures I only put out the BEST content to my audience which means they are more likely to find it valuable, engage with it, and therefore the Facebook algorithm deems it worth showing to more people. Secondly, since I’m pushing out less content, Facebook isn’t having to sort as much of my content, and therefore shows these limited posts to more people (at least, that’s what I’m rationalizing).”

Jenn also offers tips for posting on Instagram and discusses a number of other SNS topics. Visit www.jennstrends.com for more ideas.

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