Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

Which companies should outsource social media marketing? According to advice on fastcompany.com, while large corporations may be okay on their own, most if not all companies can potentially benefit from outsourcing. But where should companies draw the line between what is handled in-house and what is outsourced? The author, Laura Vanderkam, suggests company insiders should still spend time on creating good content while outsourcing other marketing tasks. 

Managing social media can be difficult. If you run a small business, posting frequently on one social network while managing your firm can be difficult, and trying to keep up with more than one may be impossible.

Outsourcing social media marketing tasks is a solution with several benefits:

  • Saves time: Social media management requires several hours per week. Outsourcing frees time for in-house personnel to spend on other tasks or to focus on content creation.
  • A team of experts: Social media campaigns are becoming more complex and data driven, and companies that specialize in research and data analytics of Social Media Marketing will likely have more insight on effective tactics.
  • Prevents social media stagnation: Companies with limited personnel can get tied up with other pressing business matters. It’s easy to let lengthy periods of time go by without social media engagement, which could have a negative impact on how customers perceive your company.

In her article, Laura Vanderkam also addresses some benefits as well as things to be cautious of when outsourcing social media operations. Read more on fastcompany.com.

Editor’s Note:

Looking for insight on managing mobile social media marketing efforts? Check out the JIAD:

“Understanding the Impact of Media Engagement on the Perceived Value and Acceptance of Advertising Within Mobile Social Networks”


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