Personalized Ads in Social Media

Personalized Ads in Social Media

Is this for me? How Consumers Respond to Personalized Advertising on Social Network Sites

Three marketing researchers at Antwerp University in Belgium explore the topic of social media and personalized ads. The study highlights users’ responses to personalized ads on Facebook as well as users’ attitudes toward FB and whether this factors into the response to personalized ads.

Research Methodology:
Two studies were conducted for this research. In Study 1, participants were presented with fictitious Facebook ads; one ad condition was generic and the other was personalized based on gender. Participants were then asked to complete a questionnaire about the ad and how they felt about FB. Study 2 ran the same experiment with what the researchers considered a “lower-involvment product.”
The level and type of personalization advertisers are able to incorporate into Facebook Ads could have a significant impact on users’ feelings toward the products advertised. Effective ad personalization could increase consumers’ awareness and positive attitudes toward brands featured in these Facebook ads.

Article Insights:

  • Perceived personalization of Facebook Ads impacts whether users feel the add is relevant to them.
  • This perceived personalization also impacts users’ likelihood of clicking on the ad.
  • Negative attitudes toward Facebook in general could diminish the impact of ad personalization on the platform.
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Editor’s Note:
Citation:  Freya De Keyzer, Nathalie Dens, & Patrick De Pelsmacker (2015). Is this for me? How consumers respond to personalized advertising on social network sites.Journal of Interactive Advertising, 15(2).

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