Pinterest as a Model for SNS Marketing

Pinterest as a Model for SNS Marketing

Why Do College Students Use Pinterest? A Model and Implications for Scholars and Marketers

In 2015, researchers focused on Pinterest usage by college students to study consumer engagement with ads. They discussed a search for “authenticity” as a key motivator for Pinterest and speculated on how advertisers can use this idea to their advantage.

Research Methodology:
A survey was conducted via Qualtrics for a total of 445 college students (89% male, 11% female). Of these, 257 completed, relevant surveys were chosen to test two hypotheses concerning Pinterest usage. Survey questions focused on why students chose to use Pinterest and what they felt they were gaining from the experience.

The study could provide valuable insight for companies looking to use Pinterest or other vehicles to engage online consumers more effectively by tapping into specific motivations.

Article Insights:

  • In general, Pinterest users tend to be mentally and emotionally stable.
  • Pinterest users are typically seeking personal enrichment through Pinterest.
  • Pinterest users are interested in self expression rather than voyeurism, narcissism or similar motivations.
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Editor’s Note:
Citation:  Sashittal, H. C., & Jassawalla, A. R. (2015). Why do college students use pinterest? A model and implications for scholars and marketers. Journal of Interactive Advertising,15(1).

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