Volume 3, Number 2, Spring 2003


Cybernetic Space: Bringing the Virtual and Real Together

Ananda Mitra

Corporate Web Sites as Advertising:
An Analysis of Function, Audience, and Message Strategy

Jang-Sun Hwang, Sally J. McMillan and Guiohk Lee

Crossing Offline and Online Media:
A Comparison of Online Advertising on TV Web Sites and Online Portals

Louisa Ha

A Preliminary Structural Equation Model of
Comprehension and Persuasion of Interactive Advertising Brand Web Sites

Wendy Macias

Lifestyles of Online Gamers: A Psychographic Approach

Seounmi Youn, Mira Lee and Kenneth O. Doyle

Internet Dependency Relations and Online Consumer Behavior:
A Media System Dependency Theory Perspective on Why People Shop, Chat, and Read News Online

Padmini Patwardhan and Jin Yang

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