Volume 4, Number 1, Fall 2003


Special Issue on Broadband Internet Challenges

Note from Special Issue Editor

Yu-Li Liu

Diffusion of Broadband and Online Advertising in Korea

Choon-ryeol Ryu, Dea-ho Kim, and Eun-mee Kim

The Emerging Broadband Television Market in the United States: Assessing the Strategic Differences between Cable Television and Telephone Firms

Sylvia Chan-Olmsted and Jae-Won Kang

Emerging Broadband Market and the Relevant Policy Agenda in Japan

Yasu Taniwaki

Lessons in Broadband Adoption from Singapore

Peng Hwa Ang, Qian Zhou and Yayun Jiang

Broadband Demand, Competition, and Relevant Policy in Taiwan

Yu-Li Liu

G-commerce in East Asia: Evidence and Prospects

Yuntsai Chou

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